Finance and Investments

Shouldn't our Town have a Council member who knows the town's finances in depth? Absolutely.

Here's where Stan is going to shine: Stan is on his 14th year on the Finance and Investment Committee, plus worked as Treasurer for eight candidate campaigns. Why are the Town's finances in the good shape they are in now? It has been a collective effort from the FIC, with Stan there every step of the way.

He is also impressive in other ways; he has very adorable Yorkies!


Los Altos Hills is unique in this region in that we have a beautiful and functional system of Pathways, uniting our neighborhoods, as well as providing safe and convenient egress from land-locked properties in the event of fire. These interconnecting paths also provide a recreational asset to bicyclists, walkers, horseback riders, and hikers. I wholeheartedly support ongoing maintenance of existing Pathways, but also development to the completion of the planned Pathways system. 

Fire & Security Issues

  • A Dedicated Fire District  I will work to retain our own Los Altos Hills County Fire District's (LAHCFD) right to operate independently of Santa Clara County.  Unfortunately, LAHCFD recently underwent an audit with some deficiencies cited by County auditors. However, issues flagged were minor or had already been fixed, and LAHCFD has performed well on numerous previous audits. The proposed consolidation of LAHCFD with Santa Clara County Fire District (SCCFD) is a very serious matter on which our residents must band together.  If our district is dissolved or otherwise altered, it could end up costing us not only local control, but also approximately $20,000,000 of Los Altos Hills' taxpayers accrued savings.  
  • 30' Defensible Space  Our town must educate homeowners how to create defensible spaces around their properties. I will work to ensure our pathways and roads are properly maintained and cleared of potential fuel sources.
  • Emergency Alerts  I will work to increase resident use of the numerous alert systems we already have in place.
  • Police Services  LAH as a city may be faced with multiple serious situations happening at the same time. A comprehensive yet balanced review of our current and potential future needs is in order. 
  • Road Maintenance  The ongoing upkeep and maintenance of our streets is paramount.  Sharing streets amongst bicyclists, pedestrians, and cars is important, and Los Altos Hills is a village, so we must all be responsible citizens when using public roads. 

LAH Committees

I believe our volunteer residents offer significant benefits to the town. They are willing and able to help, many have given hundreds of hours lending a hand, and they must not be ignored.  The price of progress is either time or money, and I am opposed to ignoring the time component. 

Undergrounding Utilities

The idea of undergrounding our utilities has been debated for decades, and has significant merits, particularly considering recent events. Fire and earthquake related safety improvements, beautification of our town, and property appreciation are all benefits. I am in favor of reviewing our options, formulating a game plan if financially and logistically feasible, and proceeding to execute the plan.

Town Hall Expansion

We have new information now. Covid-19 has changed the way America works permanently, and the virus may be here for quite some time. Shelter-in-Place and Social Distancing currently make working remotely mandatory for many employees. The current expansion proposal was envisioned in a different time under different circumstances.  I will work to review the current situation, and change the project as needed to reflect the reality of today.

Process and Procedure

I believe our Town should place on a spreadsheet all its contracts for expiration timeframes.  Multiple bidders, request for proposals made on a timely basis, and reasonable prices based on what other townships have paid are only part of the equation. Follow though is the most important part.