Here's an early list of supporters of Stan Mok!

To add your name to this list, please email Stan at: dad.mok@gmail.com

LAH Council Members

  • Mayor Michelle Wu
  • Former Mayor Gary Waldeck
  • Former Mayor Courtenay Corrigan
  • Former Mayor Jean Mordo
  • Former Mayor Craig Jones-"Stan has had a very successful business career and has
  • has been involved with many LAH issues and CC elections over many years.  Great
  • he is deciding to help run the town."
  • Former Mayor John Radford
  • Former Mayor John Harpootlian
  • Former Mayor Dean Warshawsky

Resident Endorsements

  • Jitze and Nancy Couperus 
  • Duffy Price Los Altos Hills Fire District Commissioner
  • Rajiv Patel Planning Commission-Chair
  • Frank Lloyd Finance and Investment Committee-Former Chairman
  • Roddy Sloss Finance and Investment Committee-Chairman
  • Allan Epstein Finance and Investment Committee-Associate
  • Betty Kayton Finance and Investment Committee-former member
  • Susan Mason Finance and Investment Committee-member
  • Julia Miller-Board of Trustees El Camino Hospital
  • Scott Vanderlip Pathways Committee-former Chairman
  • Linda Swan History Committee-member
  • Ron and Sharon Haley 
  • Peter and Kathy Evans
  • Mark Brier

Lots of people already made a great call. You too, can endorse Stan!